"Professional services with professional staff"
  • Corporate security guard services
  • Detective investigation services
  • Home Surveillance
  • Retail surveillance


In contrast to the retail bias our operatives protect office blocks, Distribution Centres and Retail Outlets as well as providing reception services and patrolling sites and farms.



We have developed procedures for conducting risk assessments to determine the precise risks that clients face in the routine deliver of their services.  In some cases there are quite cursory visits.  In others, they can take days, following a prescribed methodology and reporting matrix



Highly visible uniformed guards give reassurance to the customers and act as a deterrent to violent behaviour.  The very presence of a uniformed guard suggests a company is caring for both its customer and staff safety.



In the warehouse or distribution centre, in the office or the supply chain, we can fulfill the task.  Such matters are conducted with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.